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Sneak Peek 3, 4 e 5 Castle 5x05 ''Probable Cause''

Sneak Peek #2 Castle 5x05 ''Probable Cause''

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Since we didn't get a new episode of Castle this week, can I get some scoop instead? — Jackie

ADAM: Been waiting to see what would happen when Martha Rodgers and Jim Beckett get in a room together? You'll get your chance during November sweeps! Unfortunately, the family affair happens on the same night Castle and Beckett are stranded without their phones while protecting a witness from the mob. "There's some tension because they've had the 'meet the folks' dinner and it hasn't gone particularly well," creator Andrew W. Marlowe tells us. So, what's the problem? "It's about who Martha is versus who Jim is," Marlowe says. "It's a bit of oil and water."

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Sneak Peek #1 Castle 5x05 ''Probable Cause''

Happy Birthday Jon Huertas

Hoje e aniversario do nosso amado Esposito, Jon Huertas. Desejamos tudo de melhor pra voce!

PCA 2013

E comecou a primeira fase de votacao do People's Choice Awards. Ano passado Castle e Nathan ganharam como Melhor serie de Drama policia e Melhor ator de drama. 
Esse ano Castle, Nathan e nossa linda atriz, que infelizmente ano passado nao foi indicada, Stana Katic, foram indicados. 

Essa fase de votacao e muito importate. Entao votem bastante. Pois dia 15 de novembro comeca a ultima etapa na qual so ficara os 5 mais votados. 

Castle: Melhor Serie Policial de Drama
Nathan Fillion: Melhor Ator de Drama da TV
Stana Katic: Melhor Atriz de Drama da TV

P.S. Podem votar quantas vezes quiser, e nao precisa de cadastro. 

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